Ningaloo Pearls Pricing


Fishing Prices:

  Full Day Fishing:   $300 per person
  *Boat Exclusively:   $1800 per day
  Half Day Fishing:   $250 per person  
  *Boat Exclusively:   $1400 per day


Eco Tour (Whale Watching) Prices:

  Per Person:   $75
  Exclusive Charter:   $1390 per day


Scuba Charters Prices:

  Lighthouse Bay:   $180
  Murion Islands:   $230  


Research Prices:

  Full Day:   $1700 + Fuel
  Half Day:   $1350 + Fuel


Diving Prices:

  Diving:   $210
  Local Dives:   $210


Tank Fills:

  Full Tank   $10



Cancellation Policy:

Ningaloo Pearls reserves the right to cancel or postpone a charter should the weather be adverse.
A 10% deposit by direct debit or cheque is required to secure bookings.



Full refund will be given for any tour cancelled by the skipper, if another suitable day cannot be arranged.



Located at Exmouth in the North-West of Western Australia, Ningaloo Pearls Pty Ltd is a friendly owner operated business that offers a diverse range of sea going activities.


Phone+61 (0)417 944 820
Email: [email protected]